Blue Bleeding Heart Animal Rescue is happy to help animals in need


Our personal rescues-

From  left to right- Waffle, Lemony and Stormy (Cockatiels), Jake and Noel (pronounced 'Nole'). The cockatiels were all cage bound birds that were very anti social.  Jake  was abused and neglected before he was abandoned and picked up by the SPCA. Noel was born with deformed front paws and six toes on his back feet. All of these animals have been re-socialized and have learned to live in harmony with each other.  


 Who Are We

Blue Bleeding Heart Rescue is an in-home rescue run by a small group of devoted animal lovers located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. We have our own rescues that help socialize the animals we bring in and get them comfortable with humans and other animals. 

 What We Do

Blue Bleeding Heart Rescue and Sanctuary offers rehabilitation and re-homing to unwanted pets, pets who are unable to be cared for or are in need of new owners, for any and all reasons. No charge for surrendering.  We also offer to help and advice to people who are having trouble with their animals but still want to keep and care for them. Our partners have experience with and are able to take in abandoned and  un-weaned kittens, abused birds and parrots of various sizes, all kinds of rodents and reptiles.